Nightstar Security

A local security company came to me to help them establish their web presence. I created the site and refreshed their logo design using elements from their old logo. See the new Nightstar Security site.

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My Yankee Trace

A site redesign for a current client, along with a conversion to WordPress so they could handle all future site changes by themselves. Visit the updated My Yankee Trace.

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Turf Renewal

A new client who needed an update on his website. Turf Renewal is a synthetic turf maintenance company handling projects throughout the Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania region and they wanted a wordpress backed site to be able to show off the projects they were working. Visit the new Turf Renewal site.

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The company that manages Wright Cycle Estates (a previous project) called me to create a one page brochure site to highlight a few of their other services for a new business. Visit the new SIBCO Ltd. site.

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Where’s Mike?

Well, to say I have done nothing since April would be wrong. One large WordPress project for a group of clients (and you know how it is trying to please a group), a smaller WordPress project, and a one page brochure site are done and I just need to find the time to post about them. I am also in the midst of my yearly application changes and database updates for another big client. That, a personal project and the regular maintenance for my other clients, oh, and an extremely busy full time job and well, you know.

Anyway, I will be rolling out news about the new sites soon.

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Lovett Law Office

An existing client wanted to be able to take more control of their site content but was happy with their current design. I took the design I had previously done for them and turned their site into a content management system using WordPress. Same design, much more interaction, see the New & Improved (this time it actually is both) Lovett Law Office.

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Performance Office Cleaning

A neighbor recommended me to her brother and told me he desperately needed a website. We were able to get everything he wanted into a one-page site to meet his budget. Take a look at the new Performance Office Cleaning.

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That means Search Engine Optimization For The Win for those of you who aren’t up on your internet acronyms 😉

In November I completed a redesign of for an old Navy friend of mine. The old site was fairly plain, had lots of inline styling and code bloat in the HTML and was doing OK in Google rankings but I told him that a redesign and code rewrite could probably make it better.

Well, I got an email from him yesterday which said where the first line gave me my answer:

“I just did a Google search for Dentist Summerville SC. NUMBER TWO!!! Best results ever.”

I love it when a plan comes together 🙂

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The face lift is complete…

After years with the previous layout, the new Mike Ward Design (aka Lebanon Ohio Web Design) layout is complete. I literally started it over a year ago but for various reasons it was not until now that I was ready to roll it out to the world.

In the past year, I have even had an entirely different design with a new logo done and coded but I could not tear myself away from my current logo and the retro styling, so instead, I scrapped the new stuff, kept the parts of the layout I liked and applied elements from my former site to get to what you see in front of you.

Like the old, this new site is powered by WordPress but I’ve have come a long with my WP skills since doing the last one. This new one takes advantage of more WP features and functionality, and, it looks cooler.

So, please look around, ask questions if you have them and let me know what you think.


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Traci Lennon, Dentist

Another chance meeting in Italy some years ago led to yet another design project. A Navy buddy of mine who I met while on duty in Italy recently contacted me to update the design for his wifes dental practice. Take a look at

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