Mike Ward Design is a user experience(UX) web design firm specializing in web site development and web application programming, logo design and print media.

User experience design considers the needs of your customers as your web site is developed. Combine that with persuasive visuals and your customers will have the positive UX that will keep them coming back.

Everything you need to get your site on the internet …

I provide full webmaster services at a fraction of the cost of you having one on staff. In addition, I stay current in all the latest internet technologies so you don’t have to, reducing your training costs. Think of Mike Ward Design as your full-time webmaster without the annual salary that typically goes along with having one.

If you want to know specifics…

If you are looking for a particular service, please see the list below and if you have questions, let me know and I will provide more detail.

accessibility – I create your web site to accommodate users with disabilities and will meet specific Section 508 guidelines if your web site requires it.

cascading style sheets – I write a cascading style sheet to control the look and feel of your web site That way, design changes are quick and easy.

coding – I develop all the HTML for your content and scripted pages for your dynamic web applications.

cross-browser compatibility – I test your site in all the current major web browsers and can develop your site for older browser compatibility to meet your customers needs if required.

databases – Access and SQL database programming for your web site or your non-web database applications. I can also develop web-based interfaces to make your databases more user-friendly and accessible from anywhere.

domain names – If you need one, I will work with you to find an appropriate name and get it registered on the internet. I also handle setting up and updating your domain name records.

e-commerce – Complete e-commerce solutions are available using bank’s merchant accounts or PayPal to allow you to accept online payments for your products or services.

email – I can handle all the email setup for your company or show you how. Hosting for email-only domain names and on-site (Dayton area) tech support is also available.

hosting – I can either set you up with the host of your choice or host your site on my servers. I can also provide hosting for email-only domain names.

graphics – I will use your art or can develop the graphics needed for your site.

logos – I can re-create your current logo electronically for use on your site, update the design or create one from scratch.

usability – I am a Certified Usability Analyst and will ensure your web site is user-friendly and well designed.

web standards – I code to web standards to enhance your web sites long term viability, speed and accessibility.

And speaking of pricing, did you know…

That after development, it can cost you as little as $75 a year to have a web site? And speaking of development, I can create a *starter web presence site for you for around $500.

I am concerned with how you appear to your customers because ‘my reputation is based on how I establish your reputation’ on the internet. In fact, I am not high-pressure and I’ve actually talked customers out of fancy, flashy (and pricey) web development work they thought they needed.

The best way to find out exactly is to contact me so we can discuss what your web goals are and then help you start to reach them.

*starter web sites include a page of your content with your graphics/logos and email, designed to minimize time and cost for updates and maintenance, and ready to grow as you are ready to add more. Logo development, intense graphic work, excessive content, text entry and special site needs will impact pricing.

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