Do you really need a website?

No, you don’t really NEED a website. No one needs a website per se, well maybe the Google guys, but this isn’t about them, I am talking about you.

Humor me for a minute and let me just lay out some reasons why I think you should have a website.

  • It’s helps you look professional and gives you and your company an image of credibility in the market for whatever that “market” might be.
  • It is there to inform your customers even when you are not open, and if you are, it can provide information to those potential customers who would prefer to know more before they visit you in person.
  • It can sell your product or service (if that is what you do) to anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world with no interaction from you or your staff.
  • It can track what your customers are looking for and provide you with information on how to better serve them.
  • It can get information or products and services to those customers who are unable to get to you.
  • It doesn’t cost as much as you think.
  • It puts you up against the “big guys” in the market.
  • Your competition probably already has one, and if not, you’ll be the first ‘insert product or service type here’ business on the block that does.

That’s it, in a nutshell and maybe I got you to start thinking about having your own. If I have, you will probably want to know how to find a “web firm” (be it a one person shop or an entire team from a large design firm) that is right for you. I’ll make that the topic of my next post!

If you have questions in the meantime, just ask.

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